I have arrived.

I had a long, but uneventful day of travel.  I slept to Newark – got to enjoy the Newark airport for 5 hours, and then spent 15 hrs on a plane.  I watched at least 7 movies and knit a 1/3 of a pair of socks.

Getting through immigration and customs was ridiculously simple.  They mostly looked at our paperwork and let us move on.  Customs we just got waved through and didn’t need to stop at all.

When we finally made it out , we walked out into this large square that has hip level barracades all around it.  Before Ellie (another teacher) and I even made it all the way out, we saw Betsy waving excitedly.  She (the principal) and Aditya (the CFO) were there with our driver – Monoj –  to pick us up.  The presented us with beautiful flower garlands that hung almost to our knees.  It was so nice to have a familiar face and a warm greeting.  It made the whole process so much easier.

We got back to our new apartments and got a chance to dump our stuff, hook up the internet (with as much regularity as it gets) and crash for the evening.  It is fun because all three teachers who are here so far are in the same complex – though Ellie is a couple of buildings away.  Even Aditya and is family live in the complex.