Tonight E, Z, and I had the most wonderful time swimming in the rain. There is a fancy club that is quasi connected to the housing complex we live in. Although living here doesn’t make us members, the CFO is a member and we can go as his guests for a nominal fee. The main thing we have been wanting to do is swim in the pool. From our apartments we can see the beautiful lap pool with the smaller sitting pool to one corner. It is designed so that the water overflows the edges before falling into the filters.


When we got down there it felt so good to slip out of the hot muggy air into the cool water. We were the only ones out there and it as amazingly peaceful. There were fireworks for the festival going off in the distance so we could hear them and occasionally see the glow through the trees. The man working came and turned on the waterfall so you could get a water massage from the water falling off of a rock structure – or hide underneath the rock in the peace.


As we were swimming laps it started to pour. It was so beautiful to be swimming the the cool water in the pounding rain on the pool. It was the perfect way to wind down the day.