Trip home!

I am coming home for my summer visit and June and want to see people. I am posting a general schedule of what city/state when. If you would like to see me in one of those places, let me know and we can schedule something. Currently my schedule is pretty open.

June 5th – 10th Seattle – Also while I’m in Seattle I would love it if someone had a spare bedroom that I (and my best friend over the weekend could use). Also if you have an undying urge to visit Seatac during the middle of the day on Tuesday or Sunday night, let me know.

June 11 – 24th CT and Geneva NY. One week will be one, one will be the other, I just don’t know which is which yet.

June 25 – 30th Boston – The last stop on my whirlwind tour before I head back around the world.

I am excited to see as many people as I can (I miss all you wonderful people in my life), but I realize that my itinerary is rather tight and that not everyone has the flexibility to drive across country to see me. If you do, or I am coming to a city near you, I look forward to seeing you!!!!