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The wonders of monsoon (and India in general) mean mold

Currently, things I wish wouldn’t be molding:
wooden bowl

Things I’m slightly surprised aren’t molding:
shower curtain
food (it last much longer than expected in the fridge)


Summer Trip home

Trip home!

I am coming home for my summer visit and June and want to see people. I am posting a general schedule of what city/state when. If you would like to see me in one of those places, let me know and we can schedule something. Currently my schedule is pretty open.

June 5th – 10th Seattle – Also while I’m in Seattle I would love it if someone had a spare bedroom that I (and my best friend over the weekend could use). Also if you have an undying urge to visit Seatac during the middle of the day on Tuesday or Sunday night, let me know.

June 11 – 24th CT and Geneva NY. One week will be one, one will be the other, I just don’t know which is which yet.

June 25 – 30th Boston – The last stop on my whirlwind tour before I head back around the world.

I am excited to see as many people as I can (I miss all you wonderful people in my life), but I realize that my itinerary is rather tight and that not everyone has the flexibility to drive across country to see me. If you do, or I am coming to a city near you, I look forward to seeing you!!!!


A whole bunch of people have mentioned interest in coming to visit me in India. I am well aware that for many people it is just a pipe dream and that is fine. But I’m working trying to figure out my schedule and travels and things. So, if visiting me is actually a realistic goal for you (and you haven’t already talked to me about it) please drop me a like letting me know what you are thinking. I am excited to see and host anyone who shows up.

Today Rocked!

I got to spend my morning teaching my coworkers how to make multiple types of slime and spent part of my afternoon at work eating cookies and building legos.  Tonight I have a games party and pot luck at my house.  Life is good!

Swimming in the rain

Tonight E, Z, and I had the most wonderful time swimming in the rain. There is a fancy club that is quasi connected to the housing complex we live in. Although living here doesn’t make us members, the CFO is a member and we can go as his guests for a nominal fee. The main thing we have been wanting to do is swim in the pool. From our apartments we can see the beautiful lap pool with the smaller sitting pool to one corner. It is designed so that the water overflows the edges before falling into the filters.


When we got down there it felt so good to slip out of the hot muggy air into the cool water. We were the only ones out there and it as amazingly peaceful. There were fireworks for the festival going off in the distance so we could hear them and occasionally see the glow through the trees. The man working came and turned on the waterfall so you could get a water massage from the water falling off of a rock structure – or hide underneath the rock in the peace.


As we were swimming laps it started to pour. It was so beautiful to be swimming the the cool water in the pounding rain on the pool. It was the perfect way to wind down the day.


It has been raining!

I knew that I was showing up during the tail end of monsoons, but I also knew that most of the rain happens in July – not August. The first couple of days was really mellow. It would drizzle a lot, and have points of no rain and points of downpour throughout the day. But moving from Seattle, it just seemed like rain – with being in the car so much, I wasn’t even putting on my rain coat.

And then Saturday happened. The rains started Friday afternoon, and it downpoured until Monday. It rained hard and constantly for days. I would have thought that since it happens for months out of every year, that things would be built to deal with it, but they really aren’t. Pretty quickly roads started flooding. What amazed me, is that until the flooding really became bad, it didn’t stop the crazy traffic. It just made everything take twice as long (which is saying something when it normally takes almost an hour and a half to get to the south end of the city) The road would be at least ankle deep in water – it would be spilling onto the sidewalks from the road, but the cars are still driving through it. It wasn’t until it got worse than that, that cars started to just have to stop in the water. I guess it got bad enough in parts of the city to completely stop both buses and the trains.

The other slightly weird thing has to do with food and monsoon. Overall, they are very protective of what we eat. Most of the places we have been eating aren’t really much less expensive than most of the eating out I do in the states – though often they are slightly nicer places. They want us to introduce our stomachs to more of the lower end food and bacteria slowly. But one of the main contingencies they make is that we really shouldn’t eat street food or anything of the sort until after the monsoon is over. I am fascinated that monsoon has so much affect on the food.

Yesterday and today have been back to normal – a range from not raining to downpour, but completely dealwithable. It should be interesting to see how the rest of monsoon season plays out.

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