A whole group of us went to a Malaysian foot spa.  The thing that makes this type of spa different than most spas is how they clean the dead skin from your feet – with fish.  We all opted for the fish treatment.  There was a lovely rectangular tank with benches as the edges.  Two at a time, we put our feet into the water and the fish ate the dead skin from our feet.  You don’t really feel it as nibbles – or even what I would expect fish to feel like.  Mostly it felt like bubbles.  The image I had in my head was sticking my feet into the bubbliest champagne. For the first 30 seconds it tickled like crazy and I’m sure I had a silly scrunchy face.  After that I got used to it and felt odd, but not bad. For 15 minutes my feet were softened by fish (one person didn’t quite last the whole time).  After that I opted for half an hour of reflexology.  And all of this was for about $18.


    A beautiful photo of E’s feet with fish!